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Instructor Training

Specialist Driving Instructor Training

At Jarretts Driving School we have put together an instructor training package with a difference! Beating anything else currently on the market:

You will receive full support, guidance and training to see you fully qualified as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) in as little as 8 weeks for only £799! But it does not stop there! Once fully qualified we will give you a FULL REFUND*


The 3 tests you will need to pass to become a fully qualified ADI are as follows:

Part 1 test: You have 1 hour and 30 minutes to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. Also, you will watch 14 video clips. The clips feature everyday road scenes containing developing hazards. You get points for spotting the developing hazards as soon as they start to happen.

Jarretts Driving School will work with you through a series of practise questions, mock tests, hazard perception video clips, highway code material and much more. We will be in constant contact with you monitoring your training and progress every step of the way. You will be provided with helpful feedback consistently and continuously throughout your journey and assigned your very own personal mentor.

Part 2 test: This is a test of your driving ability. You will begin with a test of your eyesight followed by show me/tell me questions and a 1-hour practical test. During this, you will need to perform manoeuvres and demonstrate a high technical driving standard.

Jarretts Driving School will coach you through a series of practical driving modules, each designed specifically to train the key focus areas required to be successful at the part 2 test. The trainee instructor will receive a fully itemised outcome form following each training session with clear and transparent feedback detailing development points and practise areas.

Once you pass the P2 test you can now work for us on a trainee license allowing you to teach customers for reward and continue training towards the part 3 test!

Part 3 test: A 1-hour practical test will examine your instructional ability and technique. The examiner will sit in the back and observe your ‘live’ lesson. The test is marked on 17 different areas including how you plan the lesson, how you manage risk and which teaching and learning strategies you implement.

Jarretts Driving School will provide you with the instructional training required to ensure your ability is to a high standard to work for us on the trainee license. During this time, whilst working on the trainee license, we will be further coaching you with regular training sessions to ensure you stay on track towards your end goal of becoming an approved driving instructor.

All for £799 (Inc VAT) with a full refund* once fully qualified.

Buy Now or Call us on 0208 454 7916 to find out more. Alternatively, you can email us at

Purchase your instructor training package now:

Buy Now – Full course for £799

20 hours private training: £580

10 hours private training: £300

2-hour private training session: £70

1-hour private training session: £40

*Refunds given by way of discounted franchise fee’s once 2 years of service working for Jarretts driving school has been completed

Instructor Training
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